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There are many types of writing: fiction (short stories, novels, novellas, screenplays, television writing) and non-fiction (historical novels, biographies, memoirs, self-help books.) Other types of non-fiction writing includes technical writing, travel writing, medical writing, grant writing, speech writing, and in today’s world, blogging has become increasingly more popular. Fiction writing is basically any type of writing that is not factual. It might be based in facts, or the “idea” for the story may have been sparked from a factual event, but the characters, setting, events are changed or greatly altered. Other ideas for fiction books come solely from the writer’s imagination. Fiction books are meant to entertain, more than teach, although this doesn’t mean one can’t learn anything from reading fiction books. If a fiction book is based on an actual historical event or time in history, the research must be thorough and accurate. Readers demand this and can’t be “fooled” with sloppy research. However, if a fiction book is not based in fact, then the author has much more leeway in what they produce. Fiction books generally take the form of a story meant to convey the author’s point of view. A common term used in writing fiction is “suspension of disbelief,” which means the reader accepts the elements of the story, regardless of how unlikely they may seem in real life.

Technical writers create, design and write documentation for user guides, system manuals, online help, training materials, design specifications and other business documents. Scientists, engineers and other professionals produce technical writing, and often hire professionals for proofreading and editing of their work. Technical writing must be as accurate, concise and detailed as possible. Many companies and government and other agencies need technical writers to create documentation in either printed form or online. Technical writers need to possess a combination of technical and language abilities, and usually have a degree in technical communications. Jobs as technical writer may also be called technical communicator, information developer, data development engineer or technical documentation specialist.

Blogging is a relatively new form of writing for authors. Anyone can create a blog, which is a term created from combining the term “web log.” A blog contains regular entries by the author, or creator, of the blog. It’s also interactive, as it allows readers, or visitors, to leave comments pertaining to the blog. Blogs may function purely as a form of online personal diary, or they may be a professional or corporate blog, meant to earn money. A typical blog combines text, images, links to other blogs and websites, as well as text. There were over 150 million public blogs in existence in the world as of February 16, 2011.


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