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Online publishing services have exploded in recent years along with the popularity of the internet. With the latest technology, online publishing services format, publish and print books affordably and quickly. While some of these services publish actual physical books, others offer e-books only. Some services use a publishing method called “print-on-demand” where books are printed and shipped as they are ordered, thereby eliminating the need and cost of large print runs and warehouse costs, as with traditional publishing houses. The method of print on demand (POD) also means more royalty earning capacity because there is less waste. Online publishing has increased in popularity for authors of fiction, who might not otherwise see their works in print. Online publishing services don’t accept every single thing submitted to them, but the POD business model allows for a much broader-base of quality books to publish. Online book publishers distribute to brick-and-mortar stores, libraries and online bookstores. Some online publishing services maintain their own website where they publish both fiction and nonfiction books and articles.

The following is a list of some of the top online book publishers.

Author House
Outskirts Press
Infinity Publishing
Virtual Book Worm Publishing
Llumina Press


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